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I am a Utah native living in New York City pursing multiple sectors of design with a bachelors in Industrial Design and a Masters in Art and Design and Education from the Rhode Island School of Design.  

Throughout my undergraduate experience, I served as a research assistant to RISD’s former and current presidents, promoting the initiative of integrating the Arts within STEM education—STEAM. The research and events I planned and participated in influenced my desire to enroll in RISD's Masters of Art and Design Education Program and resulted in a drive to go into production and event design. 


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After my first year at RISD—with the intent of pursuing jewelry within Industrial Design—I developed marketing and business skills by working closely with wholesale jewelry distributors for MUSE Industry in New York City and later helped promote new jewelry designs for multiple designers at the the JCK Las Vegas. 

My sophomore year I was entranced with shoes and material manipulation. Later, a shoe design course allowed me to spend a few weeks abroad touring renowned galleries, design studios and factories across Italy inspiring the design behind a shoe I fabricated over a span of 12 days. This process of apparel and shoe design cultivated my curiosity for manufacturing processes which led to an internship with Resolute Racing Shells during which I helped to better facilitate an accurate recording of the carbon fiber crew boat production process at the manufacturing plant in Bristol, RI. 

This manufacturing experience enabled me to better understand the need for designers and engineers to not just work with one another but communicate and create together, as a team and therefore prompted me to collaborate with engineers. Preceding my senior year I worked with an engineering firm, Sperry Product and Innovation, in Bedford, MA. To continue this process of collaboration, I took it upon myself to take a class at Brown university creating a product with an emphasis on sustainability and concluded my senior year with a class at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Working with a team of designers, engineers and business masters and PhD students solidified my affection for design and my drive to ultimately understand the user.

Prior to entering the masters program I contributed in the Italia Innovation Program in Treviso, Italy as a design consultant intern, I revisited my passion for events and user experiences. Working closely with BonnottoEditions—an experiential brand that is a sister to Bonnotto (textile manufacturer)—I pitched multiple experiences that included fabric manipulation while inevitably promoting their brand. Processes once again became a key factor in creating these ideations.

Prior to starting my masters I conducted research on a farm in Birkerød, Denmark by documenting different materials and processes of farming. While creating my thesis I was granted an apprenticeship position at RISD's career cervices as a peer advisor where I would review students' materials while sharing career resources to initiate job/internship searches. I saw it as an opportunity to understand students processes of representing the self. My masters concluded with a thesis with the topic revolved around process that which reveals how the combination of play and materials  facilitate learning within education systems. 

Although education is vital within design, I am focusing and pursuing my design career with an emphasis on strategic planning, design thinking and production design paired with my curiosity of understanding processes.