I am a Utah native living in New York City pursing multiple sectors of design with a bachelors in Industrial Design and a Masters in Art and Design and Education from the Rhode Island School of Design.  

Throughout my undergraduate experience, I served as a research assistant to RISD’s former and current presidents, promoting the initiative of integrating the Arts within STEM education—STEAM. The research and events I planned and participated in influenced my desire to enroll in RISD's Masters of Art and Design Education Program. After my first year at RISD, I developed marketing and business skills by working closely with wholesale jewelry distributors for MUSE Industry in New York City.

My sophomore year, a shoe design course allowed me to spend a few weeks abroad touring renowned galleries, design studios and factories across Italy inspiring the design behind a shoe I fabricated over a span of 12 days. Following an extraordinary experience in Italy, I had an internship with Resolute Racing Shells during which I helped to better facilitate an accurate recording of the carbon fiber crew boat production process at the manufacturing plant in Bristol, RI. 

Following the manufacturing experience I generating a need to collaborate with engineers. Preceding my senior year I worked with an engineering firm, Sperry Product and Innovation, in Bedford, MA. This experience enabled me to understand the importance of collaboration and communication between engineers and designers. I took it upon myself to take a class at Brown university creating a product with an emphasis on sustainability and concluded my senior year with a class as Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Working with a team of designers, engineers and business masters and PhD students therefore generating a passion for design consultancy. 

Prior to entering the masters program I contributed in the Italia Innovation Program in Treviso, Italy as a design consultant intern. While creating a thesis I was granted an apprenticeship position at RISD's career cervices as a peer advisor where I would review students' materials while sharing career resources to initiate job/internship searches. 

My masters concluded with a thesis with the topic that reveals how the combination of play and materials  facilitate learning within education systems. Although education is vital within design, I am focusing and pursuing my design career with an emphasis on strategic planning, design thinking and production design.