In our world it's clear that matter out of place is considered ‘trash.’ Generally at the point of dislocation, stuff usually consists of leftovers or remainders – waste or unwanted material – from some established process. So why not make this ‘waste’ a part of a new activity or process?  Why not focus our curiosity on the next-step of materials' life-cycles? Where do things go when they are discarded? What else can we do with them? I propose that we recycle materials to create objects that generate happiness through play and enhance spatial skills. 

Color Cubes are building blocks created from recycled wood shavings — some of the most beautiful forms created when working with wood — paired with crayon wax. They combine form, color and texture, enabling a child to play and interact with the toy, both by building and by coloring.

Given this multi-functional design, each child that interacts with they toy will experience a unique, personal playtime. Color Cubes provide an educational opportunity for children to naturally improve their spatial language ability; furthermore, in the context of collaboration, Color Cubes facilitate expression and foster communication.When multiple users collaborate, Color Cubes promote teamwork and the development of shared structural strategies while building shared meaning in block play.

Color Cubes


Product Statement


"Create up-cycled versatile coloring building blocks which 

expand spatial and language development "

In Action



Color Content



Individual Cubes





1. Material Exploration


2. Mold Process


3. Cube Creation


4. Crayon Wax Application