Jewelry Design


What defines nature as being hard or soft? Can asoft object look hard? How does simplicity and complexity meet?

Throughout the seasons plants are constantly changing. Nature's forms change from hard to soft, vibrant to dull; yet, they continue to embody beauty. Ice crystals are elements within nature that change the natural state of plants, creating an entirely new shape and form. 

Inspired by the molecular structure of ice crystals, I apply similar shape configurations and structure formations to the following designs. Through the use of various techniques, I have achieved a collection composed of intricate, yet simple designs. 



Product Statement


"Create a jewelry collection that resembles the molecular

 structure of ice crystals while embodying simple yet

 intricate designs "


Piece 1: Layered Cuff



Piece 2: Sharp Choker Necklace



Piece 3: Diamond Ring



Piece 4: Edgy Ring






CAD Model Prototypes