Food is a basic form of sustenance, a catalyst for connection and a means of cultural expression. Just as clothing and décor evolve with each generation, our attitudes and preferences towards food also change. The most recent trends in food focus not only on taste, but on the art of preparation.

The fundamentals of light, surface, and movement are key to convey how objects interact with another. Taking into account the surfaces and edges of the material, I successfully made a knife handle that is ageless and practical. The ergonomics of the handle provides consistent comfort regardless of age. 


Arthritic Friendly Knife Handle










Problem Statement


"Form an ageless and practical knife handle which provides

consistent comfort. "



Product in action




Individual Products


Knife 1-Final Product

Knife 2

Knife 3

Knife 4

Knife Display




Sense Impairment Experiment

User Group Research









Kitchen Tool Grip Study









Clay Grip Test












Yellow Foam Models













Yellow Foam Hand Grip Analysis 







Lathe-Hand Carved Models









Negative Two Part Molds






Two Part Rubber Molds








Urethane Rubber Filling