All human beings crave and need social interactions. These interactions form relationships that keep us alive. As technology has progressed our form of communication has changed dramatically. Instead of talking to one another in person, conversation occurs through our devices.

The purpose of Momento is to create relationships in an "old fashioned" way—with new technology. There are no textual or verbal messages involved, just visual. When one person is thinking of another, they have the ability to apply their energy to the device, sending a signal to the another person's device. When both items are activated within the same time frame, the pair illuminate. This conveys an intimate and affectionate message, without physical contact or exchange of words. 

















Problem Statement


"To create paired objects where energy shared from personal

interaction with one is noticeable in the other "





Final Prototype









Setting Sketch



Form Evaluation



1st Prototype



2nd Form Studies



2nd Form Studies



Concept Sketches






Preliminary Sketches