Mens Couture Loafers


While touring renowned galleries, design studios and factories in Turin, Milan, and Florence I observed traditional and hi-tech design processes that apply to car, shoe and product design. Milan’s high sense of fashion was all around. Whether exhibited by a person on the street or a window display, this fabulousness was a clear source of inspiration.

In my travels, I came across a Gucci store with perfectly color-coded collections and exquisite bodysuits encased in glass that left me in awe. As I continued to examine every detail in my path, I noticed that the men’s shoe selection didn’t demonstrate the same dramatic aesthetic as the women’s. This observation inspired me to design a men's shoe with influences from some of Italy's most beautiful and intricate fashion details. 



Product Statement


"Create a masculine, couture loafer,  replicates the

glamorous and tedious designs of feminine merchandise

throughout Italy.